Monday, 11 February 2013

Graphic Hearts

As it's Valentines Day this week I thought it was the perfect time to share two brilliant works by the graphic artist Patrick Thomas. I love these limited edition prints which my husband bought for me. Bold, simple, clever, and a very welcome addition to our home.

Below is 'Geometric Heart #01 CYM,' a 3 ink silkscreen. I love the simple beauty of these overlapping shapes and colours. It's very cleverly executed and I find the end result quite mesmerising.

Geometric Heart #01 CYM © Patrick Thomas 2012

And below is 'Heart Target #03 (flouro red).' This artwork is another limited edition silkscreen which has been printed onto a found target. I love the graphic simplicity and wit in this piece.

Heart/Target #03 (flouro red) © Patrick Thomas 2011

You can find out more about Patrick Thomas, view his other works, or buy a limited edition print for yourself on his website

The above 2 works are copyright Patrick Thomas. Please do not use without his permission.